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The Nation’s pulse

We are seeing something different this time around in our country’s election. For starters all we have left is white Americans and one with some hispanic background.

I wonder if we will ever see a black candidate again. It seems no one want to quickly erase Obama’s legacy. His legacy is pretty thin but the fact he was the first darker skinned person to be elected will make sure he is in the history books for years to come.

Since our move to Clearwater Florida we have been getting to know our area and neighbors. One business which is in roofing has shared their thoughts quite succinctly. If there was ever a time to make a change in out mindset then the time is now. He thinks it starts with the media. He feels we have to starve the media from the money to get them to see what they are doing. It is one thing to report the news. It is another thing when they root for just one team, the liberals.

What do you think? Are we too far down the track to make a difference? Is the machine too large to dismantle? Will dialing 911 ever bring the EMT’s?

Black America needs a revival. It has been raped and plundered and cast aside like a dirty dog for years. When will the eyes be opened and the change happen?

I admit I am not very optimistic. A white person won’t be listened to and even worse, most won’t listen to a black leader either if they walk out of line.

We need to step up and make a drastic move before it is too late.


Opportunity is Universal

It is amazing that in this day and age with all the advancements and progress, people still feel like they aren’t getting a fair shot. It is almost as if history isn’t taught anymore.

Wait, maybe it isn’t.

Opportunity a hundred years ago was very different from today. No it isn’t because there were no computers or modern technology. It was different because people believed differently.

You see it is about belief.

The world today and the ones who want to shape it want all of us to think that there are powerful forces at large that is trying to keep us from getting a fair shot. The ever present boogie man who strives at keeping us down.

Yet if we examine this effort we will see that it is the criers of this injustice who are doing the actual deed. It is the one’s who act in our “best interest” who are actually looking out for their own.

Keeping you a slave, mentally.

We must believe that our the opportunities presented to us are our own to pursue. They are there. They just need to be seized. It is far too easy to point fingers and blame something is holding you back. That which is holding you back is your own thinking.

I watch and learn about different cultures all around the world who defy hardships every day. I find myself asking the question. What on earth would cause them to choose to live in such harsh climates? ¬†Why don’t they move out and pick somewhere easier? A nature show will only tell you so much and it is possible that is happening already. However I think there is something else to learn here.

They see every day as an opportunity to gather food and care for their families. They are willing to suffer hardship for mostly that reason. They are not pointing fingers at some invisible force holding them down.

They live is such extreme climates and barely scrape by yet they are some of the freest people on earth. Think about that.

Opportunity does not equal outcome.

The outcome is determined by you.

The Re-Launch


Hello and welcome to the relaunch of this website! For a long time now I have wanted to speak out on my views about race and see the world in color. I am by no means an expert or consider myself an intellect on the subject. However I feel from what I have gathered over the years a certain sense of wisdom and insight in the tangled world of race.

Opportunity does not guarantee outcome. Disparity is colorblind. Geography is crucial and aspiration is best served with a dish of reality.

Those themes are central to my thought process and will be scattered throughout my blog on the subject of race.

In my next post I want to just give an overlay of my take on the world today. I love facts and reality. So much so that I end up pissing off a few people, or most actually, and I am really unsure as to what needs to change. Their insensitivity to truth or my approach.

Either way it is part of who I am and it has become more obvious the older I get.

Another thing I have little patience for is the question followup. For instance. “Did the mail come today?” “No it hasn’t” “I am expecting a bill”. This kind of followup does nothing helpful to the conversation. I am powerless to help therefore it is wasted commentary. I say this to demonstrate that in these blogs I am not going to the wasted commentary.

I want to be straight and to the point and cut all the straw man arguments that have become so popular today and so destructive for progress.

There you have a brief thesis and synopsis of what is to come. Hope you find it useful and maybe a little helpful to you. Be on the lookout for my next post in the coming days.