The Re-Launch


Hello and welcome to the relaunch of this website! For a long time now I have wanted to speak out on my views about race and see the world in color. I am by no means an expert or consider myself an intellect on the subject. However I feel from what I have gathered over the years a certain sense of wisdom and insight in the tangled world of race.

Opportunity does not guarantee outcome. Disparity is colorblind. Geography is crucial and aspiration is best served with a dish of reality.

Those themes are central to my thought process and will be scattered throughout my blog on the subject of race.

In my next post I want to just give an overlay of my take on the world today. I love facts and reality. So much so that I end up pissing off a few people, or most actually, and I am really unsure as to what needs to change. Their insensitivity to truth or my approach.

Either way it is part of who I am and it has become more obvious the older I get.

Another thing I have little patience for is the question followup. For instance. “Did the mail come today?” “No it hasn’t” “I am expecting a bill”. This kind of followup does nothing helpful to the conversation. I am powerless to help therefore it is wasted commentary. I say this to demonstrate that in these blogs I am not going to the wasted commentary.

I want to be straight and to the point and cut all the straw man arguments that have become so popular today and so destructive for progress.

There you have a brief thesis and synopsis of what is to come. Hope you find it useful and maybe a little helpful to you. Be on the lookout for my next post in the coming days.